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I am not surprised with rejections. This time, the app reviewer has issue with my app using HealthKit.

Passed since 2015, but unlucky today

Baby Log was released in 2015, and since v1 it had HealthKit integrated.

But my use of HealthKit is mainly for the models they provided. Since HKUnit have gram, ounce, inch blah blah.. why invent my own?

Unfortunately, I am unlucky this time, and the app is rejected.

We noticed that your app uses HealthKit, but your app does not appear to include any primary features that require health or fitness data.

So.. would this work?

So we took a few days to message one another, and as expected, app reviewer will not provide helpful details. I suggested a “solution” where I use HealthKit properly by providing a feature to add data to Health app.

If I provide a way for user to enter constipation data and adding it to Health app, will that do?

Ok, I trying to be cheeky here.

Ok, I will go work on the feature, and try again, and again, and again.

UPDATE: Constipation Approved

With SwiftUI, I quickly added this obscure feature to satisfy Apple.

It works. Reviewer is happy.

It proves they go strictly by their guidelines. As long as they see the Health data access, and that I request only constipation and nothing else, it will pass.

But from user point of view, this feature is unfortunately confusing. Why add my baby’s constipation to my Health app!? This feature should be for another of my app – Poo Keeper 💩

I am happy. I can reuse the code.




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