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I was developing a new iOS-13-only app and submitted it one week before Sep 19 – the D-day when iOS 13 is bestowed to all.

The app was rejected. This time, over my app icon.

Icon v1

Infringed Apple Intellectual Property

That’s what they said:

So, the problem is that my app icon looks too much like Apple iPhone camera lens..

I replied to ask how is the camera lens trademarked? Of course they did not answer. Not that I am really expecting a reply.

I was going to add that is actually Huawei’s camera lens, but I know better that arguing will not help. It will only delay my launch.

My next submission was a flatter app icon.

Icon v2 - no more skeumo

I was trying my luck. That’s what you got to do with app reviewer(s) - you just might get lucky.

Icon v2 still failed. The reviewer replied exactly the same, quoting Guideline 5.2.5. That’s how reviewer insists you are still wrong.

It always feel like we’re talking to a bot.

Success on the 3rd

I can’t delay longer, so I went for a complete drastic change, breaking the form.

Icon v3 - Passed!

Kind of like a tao symbol. But yea, its Dualgram, so why not.

I am now immune to rejections

In the last 10 years, I have being rejected by app reviewers countless times. I will leave that to another future ranting post.

The first few rejections were scary. A few OMG heart pumping moments.

Now, I am no longer surprise with messages in Resolution Center. I can deal with them.

But I am still pissed 🤬




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