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Once again, a high profile developer kicked up a good fuss over App Store policy.

Apple enforcing their law & order on their citizen is nothing new. We have been enslaved for 10 years. But Apple reply to Basecamp really cracked me up 不不

Thats a PR fail.

While some facts are true, you cant just say it.

These apps do not offer in-app purchase and, consequently, have not contributed any revenue to the App Store over the last eight years.

It is so easily refuted.

The value that FREE apps bring to the App Store is enormous. Imagine removing all the free apps on Apple App Store would anyone buy an iPhone?

On Rejections

Personally I am no longer surprise with rejections, or apps being taken down.

I no longer have expectations, and so I dont have anxiety like many years ago the feeling whenever I submit an app for review.

In fact I submitted a new app last night, yet I go to sleep soundly, without bothering to read why it is being rejected.

Anyway, a record time from submission to rejection

However, we need to speak up.




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