Kristina Thai wrote Become a Better Engineer Through Writing, and I felt she has made a good case on why we should all write.

To be a good developer, there are some soft skills:

  • Communicates Well
  • Passion for learning
  • Able to teach/mentor

Quoting from Shubhro Saha:

Code and essays have a lot more in common. The product is a sequence of logical statements, bundled into modular units– whether it be functions or paragraphs.

Like good prose, good code is concise.

Bad code wastes CPU cycles; bad essays waste brain cycles.

There are 3 main channels where we could write:

  1. Private journal
  2. Public blog
  3. StackOverflow

Why did I write this blog?

Here ( is my public blog for my technical writing.

But long before I started blogging, I have already been keeping a private journal, documenting the technical challenges I faced, the new things I learnt, the “cheatsheets” I need to refer to frequently, etc.

It was until 2006 (10 years ago!), that I begun writing on a public blog.

I started blogging on my work with J2ME development (those were the days)!

I don’t have reason to write a public blog at first, but now I am glad for these reasons:

Always be a student - keep learning.

Always be a teacher - help others and become even better.




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