tldr: Check out wwdc-dl, the github project with the Swift scripts

While I may be at WWDC physically (for the first time!), I still prefer to download and comfortably watch the sessions on my MacBook.

It is refreshing to be live and watching the presenter, and excessively applause every now and then.

But it does not value add much.

A more efficient way is to skim through the PDF first, then watch the interested video at 1.5x speed (:

My Swift Script

For WWDC 2014 and WWDC 2015, I had used ohoachuck’s wwdc-downloader. It was good, but it wasn’t updated for 2016, yet.

Not too long ago I tried to write more scripts with Swift.

So I thought I write in Swift to download the session videos and PDFs automatically!

Go check out wwdc-dl.

To use:

# Download the PDFs first
./wwdc-dl.swift -s 205,207,208,204,206,301,302 --pdfonly

# Download the interested videos (default SD)
./wwdc-dl.swift -s 205,302

And they will be in ~/Documents/WWDC-2016.

Note: It was hacked quickly at 4am, and it is plain simple, without progress indication or any error handling eg. If there is no PDF for the session, it will just crash!

Hello WWDC 2016!




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