After 15 months of using Octopress, I updated the Greyshade theme I initially used, and also fixed some broken stuff with Octopress.

Twitter no longer working

Twitter API moved forward, from version 1.0 a year ago to now version 1.1.

The big change is the use of OAuth even for fetching public timeline. They retired the easy to use basic auth.. This broke the Twitter status that is displayed at the top of the Greyshade theme I was using.

Hence, I changed the layout and removed twitter from the header. Not a big deal to lose this ‘feature’.

Date is not displayed in post

I have no idea why Greyshade doesn’t display the date and category of a post when you are viewing the post in full. These meta are shown only in homepage view.

Anyway, I added in the date and category.

Forked Greyshade

Unfortunately, I think Shashank is no longer actively maintaining his Octopress Greyshade theme, since he migrated to pure Jekyll.

Hence I forked my own version with the above 2 changes. The branch is master2, which didn’t merge in the style changes from various authors, as I don’t agree with their style change.




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