I started 3 years ago, using it as a avenue for me to share about my apps and development guides.

Over the last 3 years, I have been actively blogging at, as there are lots to share. I have especially enjoyed writing development guides which help fellow developers, as well as being a bookmark for myself. Many times, I had googled for topic + to recap my memories.

I wanted to keep that going, but I was constantly bothered by a few things.

  1. My Wordpress template looks out-of-date after 3 years

  2. There isn’t a good & free Wordpress editor for Mac

  3. I wish I can write in markdown or something

And so.. I decided to make a bold move and switch to Octopress. It is dubbed as

A blogging framework for hackers

It makes sense:

  • Hacker prefers entirely static HTML, aka baked; it performs better than PHP + MySQL, and not hackable!

  • Hacker prefers to write in markdown; it’s clear like code

Switching wouldn’t count as risky for me, if guys like Matt Gemmell (with 900+ posts) and Felipe Cypriano could migrate successfully.

Time will tell if it’s worth.




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