A list of tools for development.


Turns drawing into code, filling and stroking bezier paths.

Similar tools: Core Animator, QuartzCode generates CALayer. Squall generates from After Effects.


Solves the problem of different file formats (.strings, xml, .po, etc) required by different platforms. It uses an elegate intermediatry format.

500px forked and improved to support the plural formats too (pluralization is a nightmare)!


Visualize your object dependencies. Supports Swift too!


Runtime Code Injection for Objective-C & Swift. Saves you time from waiting for Xcode to compile!

Swift Algorithm Club

All the algorithms you ever need, in Swift!


  • objc_strings - check if any localisation unused, or not translated. Tried, but it didn’t do well for iRate, whereby the code use const string
  • MMLayershots - turned to PSD layers, good to use with framer.js
  • Armchair - Rate App, swift, and for mac too. From Urban Apps.
  • App Stop - Autogen Website for your app
  • https://heatmaps.io/ - but closed signup
  • PaintCode - Like Sketch, but turn them into codes



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