App Review

Appirater is the pioneer to prompt user to rate/review your app after a few days of using the app.

After many years, Armchair provided the same function, but even easier, and it’s in Swift!

When we are in the topic of showing prompt automatically, check out Harpy, which check the latest version of your app in the App Store, and prompt if the current version is outdated.

Audio & Video


  • Web Server: iPhone as server, then browse from another client. Access app sandbox etc.
  • Shadow Sock: Got pulled from App Store! It used iProxy and others.

Messages View


  • Instructions - Good, in Swift, but too much needed to setup, and arrow view not working well (not pointing to POI). Massive amount of code, which I could not understand easily. But I did fork to solve for the status bar.
  • MPCoachMarks - Good, but in objc, and not full fledged. There is no arrow pointing north east! Though pointing correctly.
  • EAIntroView - Scroll views with intro


Camera/Photo Album


  • FLAnimatedImage - GIF
  • IDMPhotoBrowser - basic, left right nav, load async, simple with caption
  • AGPhotoBrowser - with title and description
  • EBPhotoPages - with tags, comments, states, full featured
  • BDDynamicGridViewController - a grid layout - not good, can’t support async, image view load
  • AGGeometryKit - Used by Evernote Scannable - crop in quadratic shape
  • FastImageCache - by Path to load image quickly while scrolling
  • MWPhotoBrowser - Gallery for UIImage, PHAsset, url, or even videos. Looks great.
  • GPUImage - Process image and video



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