Dependencies Injection

One place to “inject” all the services that your app use.

Attributed String

NSAttributedString is not that friendly. Checkout for a better world with SwiftRichString.

JSON Decoder

Date Time

  • DateTools: Date time utility, and moments such as “4 seconds ago”
  • YLMoment (my fork) - easy format, and moments based on moments.js

But above 2 not complete enough. SO suggested others:



  • Lockbox: save to keychain easily
  • Heimdall: He is the gatekeeper at the rainbow road (in Thor). Simple encrypt, decrypt and signing of text.
  • KeychainSwiftAPI

Core Data

  • Sync sync JSON into Core Data
  • CoreStore in Swift 2, very well documented, and seems complete, and even have a different/better stack design than MagicalRecord. But they have “transactions” instead of predicates.


Unit Testing

Avoid String Identifiers

  • Reusable - Avoid cells, xib views, storyboard view controller’s string identifier with this convenient mixin
  • SwiftGen - Avoid more strings (eg. localization, assets) by generating code (like Android’s R)
  • R.swift - An actual R for Swift


  • Kanna - Parse XML/HTML, inspired by Nokogiri
  • Appz - provides (as much) external apps deeplink schema as opening them is a breeze



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