Animate views during transition

Hero easily animate a view to another view during a transition. It is like Keynote’s Magic Move, for iOS.

Empty State for Table/Collection

DZNEmptyDataSet create a view when your table/collection view is empty. You customize it with attributed strings for the title, subtitle and the call-to-action-button. If the standard layout is too enough, you may return your own view.

Keyboard & Text Fields

IQManagerKeyboard prevents keyboard from obscuring the text field, by automatically adjusting the views upwards.


MengTo/Spring simplify how you write animation code. You may even specify the animation properties in storyboard, without writing any code!

Before Spring, there is Pop, a popular animation engine written by Facebook, used in (the now defunct) Facebook Paper app.

Message/Notification View

NotificationBanner makes it very easy to display messages at the top, kind of like notifications.

SwiftMessages is modern, good looking, and very configurable.

Toast display message encapsulated in a small popup, for a short duration. Toast is a native UI element borrowed from Android.

Custom Modal Popup

Presentr wraps around the iOS 8 custom view controller presentation API for you to easily present popup view.

Archived KLCPopup because Presentr is in Swift!


Gesture recognizers can be complex, and the old selector way of handling isn’t as convenient as using closures. Sensitive helps.

Photo Picker

There are quite a number of projects on selecting media (photo or video), for different use cases, and with different iOS frameworks (UIKit, AVFoundation, Photos, etc).

ImagePicker is the most starred. It opens the camera immediately, embedding a horizontally scrolling photo library picker (limited current camera roll). It is beautiful, if that UI is what you need.

ALCameraViewController comes in 2nd, with ability to crop.

FDTake presents an alert sheet first, to choose between photo library or take from camera. Localization is provided (ImagePicker and ALCameraViewController does not come with any localization!). It uses UIImagePickerController so all photos in library, moments, camera roll are available.

QBImagePicker is a simple picker clone of UIImagePickerController, but using either AssetsLibrary or the newer PhotoKit.




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