I am available for hire as an iOS tutor/teacher/consultant/mentor.

The goal is to help you develop your app, publish it on the App Store, and generate passive income for you!

My credentials

What is unique about me? I provide hands on experience from design to coding, evaluating business models, and eventually publishing the app. My deep expertise is in iOS development, yet I can also cover secondary skillsets such as backend development, launching your own website, UI design, and video editing.

Per hour fees

  • Private 1 pax - S$100 (Singapore Dollars)
  • Group 2 pax - S$70/pax
  • Group 3 pax - S$60/pax
  • Group 4 pax - S$50/pax

You are encouraged to form a group with your friends who are of the same level.


My preference is in the following order:

  1. My house (in Yishun, Singapore)
  2. Your house (in Singapore)
  3. Co-working space (at additional cost)
  4. Online via Zoom

Who is it for?

You must have a desire to create your own iOS/iPadOS/macOS app.

You must have a computer running macOS.

You need NOT have a programming background.

All ages welcome.

What will be covered?

I will cover whatever is needed to develop your app, and writing in good codes.

This includes:

  • Swift programming language
  • Foundation framework
  • Using tools: Xcode, CocoaPods, SPM, fastlane
  • Designing user interface (UI) using Figma
  • Coding UI using UIKit/SwiftUI
  • Server architecture and API
  • Data persistency and Core Data
  • Device hardwares such as location, audio, camera
  • Publishing app to App Store

We will adjust the pace as you progress. If you prefer to learn certain modules on your own via online tutorials, that is fine too. I will be a complement to your other resources, and provide more explanation if needed.

My value is in practical hands-on. I will help you with your actual project and fast-track you to the world of iOS app development.

Why am I doing this?

After my university graduation in 2008, I was lucky that Apple released the first iOS SDK in the same year. I built some apps, put them on the App Store, and have been earning a passive income since then.

Recently, I went full-time indie, and I know it is financially possible.

Yet, most think it is not possible. The truth is – it is harder now than in 2008. But it is possible. I want more people to join me.

My goal is to help you create the app you love, and generate passive income for yourself.

What’s next?

If you like to hire me, email [email protected] with the subject “iOS Tutor”. Let me know your programming experience and we will plan for the sessions.




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