Octopress is dead and it no longer update. While it has been nice, we can live without, or replace it.

Github Pages

If you use Github Pages, you need to do 2 more things:

  1. In Github Settings > Pages > Change the source to master
  2. Delete .nojekyll

It is important to delete .nojekyll (if you have the file) and push to github. If not Github will not treat the repo as a Jekyll repo and deploy as such.

You will also want to add github-pages to Gemfile.


Enable the compose plugin so that you can create a post/page conveniently like this:

jekyll post "Migrating octopress to jekyll with Github Pages"

You can also unpublish easily, similar to octopress CLI

Migrating plugins

I have to manually search and replace tags such as

  • {\% img
  • {\% codeblock
  • {\% blockquote
  • {\% include_code
  • {\% gist

If you have any such tags, the build will have error anyway.

Code Highlighter

I replaced octopress-solarized with rouge, which is well supported by Github Pages.

I prefer the solarized dark theme, which you can use by running:

rougify style base16.solarized.dark > _sass/rouge.scss

It is not exactly the same as my previous code highlight style, but close enough.




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