iOS 14 changed the permission levels when you access photo library, and many apps will now prompt users to either:

  1. Select photos
  2. Allow all
  3. Deny access

This happens if you use PHPhotoLibrary.requestAuthorization(...).

But what if write only?

If you are writing to photo library, without the need to read, the same prompt will be used.

That is no good.

There is a better way for write-only apps, but you have to update your code.

1. Use addOnly

There is a NEW iOS 14 method in PHPhotoLibrary framework with a addOnly option.

PHPhotoLibrary.requestAuthorization(for: .addOnly, handler: handler).

If you want to support pre iOS 14, then you will want to use platform conditional codes like this:

let handler: (PHAuthorizationStatus) -> Void = { status in

if #available(iOS 14, *) {
    PHPhotoLibrary.requestAuthorization(for: .addOnly, handler: handler)
} else {

2. Add NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription

In Info.plist, add the key NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription and a string to describe why you need the access.




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