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In 2016, I wrote a Swift script to download all the WWDC PDFs and videos from the command line.

I have fixed for WWDC 2020. You can download the binary, then download all with:

./wwdc-dl -a

The script is still in a mess. Prime time for re-writing in Swift 5.3, with the proper CLI support. But I am more likely to spend the time exploring SwiftUI 2.0, Catalyst, and awesome new features. 😁

What’s more, the official app will catch up eventually.

All in one place

Apple Developer App

The Apple Developer app is getting better. You can download videos, play them at 2x speed (unfortunately, there’s the fastest), and there’s even has a code section for easy copying!

But there’s still much room for improvement, as it is clearly a Catalyst app for iPhone.

On my iMac 27"..

I still prefer to download all and browse them in Finder, and playing at variable speed (1.75x, 3x, whatever) with VLC player. I can also take snapshots easily (especially since 2020 there’s no PDF).

Features will eventually catch up. Just like Swift UI 2.0. Just last week I was still brooding over how to make certain layouts and features, but now it is all doable.




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