Videos from iOS Conf SG 2020 are now available on YouTube.

Here are 3 that I enjoyed.

1. Global Variable Oriented Programming

Admit it. We all are using global variables, in the form of singletons, and environment (a singleton wrapping multiple singletons)!

SwiftUI changes everything.

  • View are now Struct
  • Data are now Class 🤔

@twostraws showed how we can implement global data and still observe them in UIKit.

2. Building Secure iOS Apps

OWASP for mobile appsec. MASVS is a standard for mobile apps. All developers should at least implement a basic level.

Did you know can use LAContext with keychain?

3. Full stack development with Vapor

I think 2020 is prime time to use Vapor for server side development.

It’s now Vapor 4, Swift 5.1, SwiftNIO 2. The ecosystem is more mature. And a competitor is killed.




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