macOS is way older than iOS, but the ecosystem way worse.

First party (Apple) prioritizes iOS over macOS, for obvious popularity reason.

Third party support is even more limited.


Cocoapods work for macOS, as long as the pods itself support for macOS.


Officially, they don’t support macOS.

It started as a half-hearted effort to support all Apple platforms, but eventually decided not worth the resources. But some modules are (luckily/compatibly) working.

So far, these fastlane modules works for me: bump, gym/build_app

Sadly, these don’t work: match, deliver


Unfortunately, the most popular SDKs on iOS does not build on macOS.

What does NOT work? Firebase, Fabric, Flurry.

Some alternatives, but none of which I have tried.

The Future

Apple has announced cross-platform support for macOS, by porting the millions of iOS apps (almost automatically).

And so, third party libraries will have to play along.

I will wait for Firebase etc to play nice..




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