I released my first iOS app in 2008, the year that iPhone changed the world.

Recently, in time for World Cup 2018, I release v3 of the same app.

As I rewrite the app – from Objective-C to Swift – it dawned on me how much things have changed.

How much the tools have improved. How different designs and architectures are. How much my code has evolved.

As I look at the code evolving from v1 -> v2 -> v3 (thanks source control), I feel like I am reading my diary. It tells my story in iOS development.

v1 (2008)

  • SVN Source Control (git not popular back then)
  • AppDelegate is 1,600+ lines long!
  • Code form is inconsistent
    • Multiple line breaks
  • Commented out many code for some reason
  • Table view cell are constructed with nibs, then configured with viewWithTag
  • Models are dictionaries and arrays
  • 1 month to finish

v2 (2014)

  • iOS 6 is a big change with cleaner interface
  • Wrote better abstraction
    • Replace Type1ViewController, Type2ViewController, … etc with OddsViewController, which configure the cell according to the type
  • Still Objective-C (no Swift yet)
  • Use of Cocoapods libraries
  • Use of my own private library
  • Storyboard
  • Helpful models, but with lots of mutation func

v3 (2018)

  • Objective-C to Swift
    • Strongly typed language eliminates many meaningless crashes.
  • Better namings of everything
    • Xcode can finally can refactor by renaming methods and types
  • Scalable UI
    • Auto Layout for any device size or orientation
    • Dynamic (Font) Type
  • No more storyboard
    • All UI created by code with constraints
  • Better Architecture
    • Clearer responsibilities
    • Reasonable dependencies
    • MVVM with RxSwift
  • Unit Tests with API fixtures
  • Fastlane for managing certs, provisioning profiles, building and uploading releases
  • 7 days to rewrite




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