macOS, or more specifially since iTunes v12.7, no longer stores the IPA files.

There are a number of ways to find an app’s IPA, such as the many untrusted, dangerous sites with their signed IPA.

Be safe, read on.

1. Download Apple Configurator 2

This is Apple’s app for configuring multiple devices for schools and businesses.

Download it from Mac Store here.

2. Sign In

Go to the app > Account > Sign In using your personal iTunes account.

3. Update The Apps

Go to Actions > Update, and select the apps to update (or all). If you have hundreds of apps to update, this process could stuck here.

Another way is to go to Actions > Add > Apps > Select the app to install from your purchase history.

After the apps are downloaded, go to step 4 immediately.

4. Find in cache folder

The IPAs will be here:

~/Library/Group Containers/

Note that they are in a cache, which means it will be deleted anytime, so copy it to somewhere while it is there.




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