I posted about how to modularize storyboard using RBStoryboardLink and how to use SWRevealViewController.

But to use both of them together is not straight forward.

This is because both library makes use of custom segues to do what they want to do. And it is not possible for you to customize 1 segue to satisfy both!

To make them work together:

  1. Create the RBStoryboardLink suggorate view controller and setup storyboardName as per normal, but don’t create any segue to it. It will be alone.

  2. Give it a storyboard ID eg. “surrogate”

  3. Don’t use SWRevealViewControllerSeguePushController segue too

  4. Instead, call the revealViewController’s pushFrontViewController method manually.

The code:

- (IBAction)buttonTapped:(id)sender {
    UIViewController *vc = [self.storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"surrogate"]; 
    [self.revealViewController pushFrontViewController:vc animated:YES];

If the view controller is not getting behind the status bar correctly, set needsTopLayoutGuide key to NO in the suggorate.




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