WWDC 2014 is over, and all the videos and PDF slides are now available for developers to download.

There is a bash script going around on how to download all the HD videos.

But really, who has so much time to watch so many video?

Usually, I download all the slides, go through them, and choose which video is worth watching.

To download only the PDF slides, you can run this:

curl \
| grep -iIoh 'http.*pdf?dl=1' \
| sed -e 's/\?dl=1//g' \
| xargs -n1 curl --remote-name

This is a small problem with the last item grep-ed. I don’t know how to fix. But you can download the last PDF with:

curl --remote-name`

To download all the HD videos:

curl \
| grep -iIoh 'http.*._hd_.*dl=1">HD' \
| sed -e 's/\?dl=1">HD//g' \
| xargs -n1 curl --remote-name




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