For every new version of an iOS app, a developer is given 100 promo codes which he can choose to give out freely.

Each code will then be able to redeem a paid app from iTunes app store.

There are a few services that helps in managing and distributing these codes. I will be covering 3.

1. redeemco

redeemco is my favorite among the 3.

It is a simple web app, yet there are a few outstanding features.

You get a recruitment page, whereby reviewers/bloggers/journalists can request from you, which you will then approve and send them.

You can create multiple “promotions” which share the same inventory pool.

Best of all, it’s free (although there are signs of premium model coming). Sign up now!

Poo Keeper - An Example

2. CodeHookup

CodeHookup, is another web app, which is even simpler.

Basically you put in the codes, and it generate a public web link for users to claim the codes. Users can easily see which codes are left unclaim.

It is affiliated to Reddit AppHookUp, which is a great place to shout out to reddit fans.

Poo Keeper - An Example

3. UseTokens

This is a Mac app that cost $29, though it is free to use for 1 app that you manage.

The coolest thing about the app is that you can login with your itunesconnect account, and it can automatically request for the promo codes for you. This is better than the other 2 services as they require you to manually get the codes from itunesconnect.

But, the biggest shortfall is that unlike the other 2 services, usetokens doesn’t have a public website/link that allows a group of people to redeem. It is focused on sending the code individually.




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