This isn’t a big secret at all, yet many developers are not utilising the code snippet feature. Myself included.

But I am now making a habit of using my code snippet library, which is conveniently synced to my Dropbox.

Remember, programming isn’t about being an expert in typing or memorizing code. So help yourself to code snippets!

Snippets in Xcode

If you don’t know how to use snippets in Xcode, read this guide from NSHipster.

A summary of adding your own snippet:

  1. Drag your code to the Xcode snippet library (at bottom right, with a { } icon)

  2. Enter description and completion shortcut if you want

  3. To use placeholder text, use <#your-placeholder#>.

Sync your Snippets

All snippets are stored the Xcode directory.

You can create symoblic link to your Dropbox, therefore back them up.

ln -s ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/CodeSnippets ~/Dropbox/Workspace/Xcode

I store them under ~/Dropbox/Workspace/Xcode. It’s up to you where to store. Signup for Dropbox if you don’t have an account.

PS: I would attempt to store them in Github, someday.

Sync to multiple machines

You can then sync to multiple machines, or restore them on a new machine!

ln -s ~/Dropbox/Workspace/Xcode/CodeSnippets ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/CodeSnippets App is an app for Mac and Windows that store snippets for all kinds of languages.

I don’t recommend to use the app, especially if you are just using Xcode.

It is not as convenient to use, and it doesn’t provide syncing. And if it does, it will be paid. Better off using Xcode.




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