If you to be more efficient with computers, you must use the keyboard more than the mouse.

For Mac, it remains a mystery why there isn’t a built-in keyboard shortcut for “right clicking”. As of Jun 2013, with Mountain Lion, we still lack that.

However, there is a workaround. But it is recommended only for Mac users with a separate numpad.

Luckily I chose to have a Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for my new 27” iMac..

Go to:

System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Enable Mouse Keys

Press Control+5 for right click.


Shortly after trying out, I realize this ‘shortcut’ is not what I wanted.

Because to ‘right click’, you have to move your mouse to that location FIRST, then right click on. That is not cool.

What I wanted is when I am at a particular item, I can activate ‘right click’, for example to bring up the contextual menu in Finder.
The trick above would be useless. And it rendered my Keypad useless; I can’t enter numbers.

Therefore, the above is NOT recommended.




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