While using Cocoapod and running pod install, I encountered the following error:

[!] The platform of the target `Pods` (iOS 4.3) is not compatible with `FlatUIKit (1.1)` which has a minimum requirement of iOS 5.0.

There is obviously a dependency error. Immediately, I open Xcode, go to Project Building Settings, and changed iOS Deployment Target to 5.0. I was pretty sure that is the way to change the minimum deployment version.

However, running the command gives me the same error.

I was puzzled. Did I set it wrongly in Xcode? I started to question myself..

After some probing, I realized it is Cocoapod’s fault.

You have to write in Podfile your minimum deployment version eg.

platform :ios, '5.0'
pod 'FlatUIKit', '~> 1.1'

If you don’t specify ‘5.0’, it is taken to be ‘4.3’. Duh.




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