It has been nearly 3 years since I stopped Android development.

A lot has changed since the days of version 1.6. Now it is 4.x!

Trying to do a little bit of compiling and setting up stuff these days, and I had some hiccups. This is a refresher guide on some topics.

App Signing

The long guide from Google didn’t explictly said:

  • When you build your app, it will be automatically signed with your debug.keystore, which will be created in /bin/myapp.apk.

  • You can take that SIGNED apk and install on any real devices

  • Don’t be confused with Export Unsigned .. option. Even if the device “allow installation of non-Marketed applciation”, the apk must be SIGNED

  • Linking all up, you can take the SIGNED apk from /bin/myapp.apk and email to your real device to install


No longer a Map View class.

You have to read the Android guide, and setup Google Maps API V2 key.




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