I was researching on popup/modal views to use, and finally decided on RNBlurModalView, which has a nicer blurred background effect.

Nonetheless, others are good depending on your use.

Here are 7 custom popup views for iOS:

UAModalPanel: Simple dismissiable popup

RNBlurModalView: With a blurred background

MJPopupViewController: With different transition effects

ALPopupView: Facebook-like popup ($19)

FPPopover: iPad-like popovers for iPhone

WEPopover: Another iPad-like popover

CMPopTipView: Bubble Tooltip

Android-like Toast

PS: I created JDToaster 2 years ago, which unfortunately I didn’t update..

WCAlertView: UIALertView with blocks

UIAlertView and UIActionSheet with blocks

Cocoacontrols - for more popups!




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