I wrote a Phewtick Hack a few days ago.


It started out as a hack via their RESTful API to automatically scan QR code and get Phewtick points ($$$).

Today, Phewtick released a new version 3.2.0, which includes 2 new features: timeline and messaging.

I took a look at their API (again)..


  • The timeline shows not only the friends I met with, but also the friends that my friends met with!

  • The messaging API allows me to send to anyone!

This python code will allow you to spam Phewtick user id 123456.

from phew import *
message(0, 123456, "Meow~")

I could easily spam everyone in Phewtick with 2 lines of code.

for id in range(0,1000000):
	message(0, id, "Meow~")




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