My biggest problem with SVN is that I don’t have good Mac software supporting SVN. For Git, I have the free SourceTree app.

Hence I decided to migrate some of my ancient repos that were still on SVN.

It is actually easy.

It is basically just 1 command to clone the svn repos to your local working directory. The operation will maintain the logs.

git svn clone -s MyAppGit

The -s command will clone just the trunk. If you don’t use the stand trunk, tag, branch, you can -s and it will clone the whole repos.

You can verify all logs are there with git log.

Next, maintain the same ignore configurations.

git svn create-ignore

Lastly, add the new remote to your git repos (eg Github).

git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

That’s all!

You may also want to refer to some common Git usage.




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