I came across this great slideshow about projects, teams and developers.

Some of the ideas are similar to The Lean Startup.

Other key takeaways for me are:

Consensus & Feedback

  • Healthy agile teams run on consensus

  • Consensus doesn’t scale. More people = More connections. O(n^2) Problem.

  • Consensus corrects for the team’s needs

  • Feedback corrects for the user’s needs

  • Consensus & Feedback => Competes for the same resources!

A Great Developer

  • Empathetic = Defend users by adpoting their perspective

  • Analytical = Break down large problems

  • Visionary = Identify great ideas and simplify

  • Scientific = Methodically attacks problems

  • Creative = Dreams up new ideas

  • Professional = Invests in long-term value & maintainability

  • Entrepreneurial = Kills failing projects

  • Hungry = Relentlessly improves through learning, practicing and sharing




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