I introduced mitmproxy for sniffing iPhone HTTP traffic back at

mitmproxy is awesome, except that it isn’t very user friendly, as it is a text console interface. Many times, I have to figure what are the keys to move around or access certain function.

That’s where Paros shines.

This is how you setup up Paros to sniff iPhone HTTP Traffic:

1. Install Paros

Paros runs on Java. Download for install.

For Mac, download the Linux version.

Unzip and run paros.jar.

2. Find out your machine IP

Find out the local IP for your machine. You need this for the next step.

For Mac, run the command ifconfig en1 and copy down the IP.

3. Setup your iPhone proxy

Make sure your iPhone is on the same network as the machine running Paros. eg. connect to the same Wifi

On your iPhone, open General > Wi-Fi > Go to details for your Wifi network.

From there, choose Manual for HTTP Proxy. Enter the machine IP for Server and 8080 for Port.

iPhone network settings

In the screenshot above, my machine IP is

4. Start running your target app and sniff

Use your iPhone to run the app that you want to sniff the traffic.

Paros interface will immediately show the URL sites the app connects to. The interface is pretty self explanatory so I won’t go on from here.

Rock on from there!




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